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          Just when you thought is was over, it starts again, like a bloody headache. Getty Images, the agency that suffers and profits the most from micro stock is about to launch a cross brand collection. Called the Agency Collection, at least on Istock,  it will be priced at a premium to Vetta and will Read More →

(see Italian version of this entry on Poterefotografico )One of the leading explanation for the disappearance of the Neanderthals was that they could not adapt their tools to  the new conditions surrounding them. They were stubbornly trying to use those they had and adapt them. Obviously it did not work and they vanished.It is said that they Read More →

So, as it reaches $200 million dollars a year in revenue, Istockphoto is pushing the production of stock photography to its rim. The traditionally strong categories for stock imagery, like Lifestyle, Health, Parenthood, Teens, Green, Business are all being more than very well covered by the astute production of 100,000’s very smart microstock producers. For Read More →

When an  amateur astrologist discovers an impact on the planet Jupiter, no one screams the end of professional astrologists, so why is it that when an amateur gets an image that pros did not get, it is the end of professional photojournalism ? The Universe is huge and not even the sum of all professionally Read More →

In an email send globally, Jonathan Klein finally announces the layoffs: It starts : “ I am writing to you today with some unpleasant news. We have tried very hard to avoid lay offs during the continued turmoil in the world’s economy. However, it is now clear that we have no alternative. We must take Read More →

The blog rumor mill is busy these days with the possible lay off of some 400 JupiterImages employees. We had expected that to happen months ago. It makes sense. Getty already has the operation and distribution in place, why would they need to double it ? To make this acquisition successful, they need to get Read More →

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Alan Meckler, the man behind the epic rise and fall of JupiterImages, is now back on the blogging block. His ” I have returned” entry is all about blaming the banks ( what, not the housing market ?). On more photographic news, the White House Photographers have voted for their best of the best, and Read More →

It’s been a long week, or rather couple of weeks, for the photo industry. Between the various shows in New York city, Paca, picturehouse, Photoplus, panels and parties, anyone that has remotely anything to do with photography was in New York for one or all of these. But its been an even longer week with Read More →

At the eve of the PACA meeting, where small business owners of the RM and RF photo industry meet twice a year o complain about the state of the industry, Jupiter media just announced that it was dropping the ball and selling all to almighty Getty. Not a fire sale but very close. Jupiter Media Read More →

That is messed up. Really. Is there been one year where Corbis has NOT laid of people? This company is like a slippery tunnel. In, one way, out the other. Nothing, or rather no one, sticks. They must have employed half of the US workforce by now. 175 people looking forward to a grim Holiday Read More →