Photography, like most industries affected by a center of gravity shift to digital, has experienced more than a migration from film to data packets. One of the most fundamental shift, however,  is how the decision process moved from quality of content to cost. Let me explain: For a long time, the key decision in purchasing Read More →

It used to be the recession. Companies would shed dead branches and blame it on the recession even if it wasn’t the real cause. But not Corbis. it missed that boat. Instead, and what irony, it blames photographers. The announcement, at the eve of a long three day week-end, of the total and complete liquidation Read More →

London bridge

When technology meets photography, handled by creative minds, this is what you get :   The Museum of London has just launched an iphone App that mixes the present with the past. Works only in London, for now : You point your iphone camera to a location and  you can click on the “3D view” button Read More →

According to an article in the French press, the subsidiary of Corbis, Sygma, has just filed for bankrupcy protection. “I am unable to pay my creditors,” said Stefan Biberfeld, director of Sygma, which was founded in 1973 and was purchased in 1999 by the American company Corbis, owned by Bill Gates personally. The reason  (something Read More →

Sports Illustrated seems to be highly dedicated in making their publication valid in the digital age. They have just released a  video of what it will look like on the new HTML 5 browsers soon available. There is no mention if this will be behind a paywall but it certainly starting to look enticing enough. Since Read More →

19 rooms New York times

It’s black and white, it simple, it is quiet and disturbingly peaceful. It is a series of images of death without a cry, a tear or a drop of blood. It screams loudly about the injustices of war, yet there is no guns, no bullets, no helicopter shadow. Just a series of empty bedrooms. Tightly Read More →

What is going ? I ‘ll tell you what is going on : Recently, Time, inc, the biggest publisher of magazines in the world has made an agreement with AP, Reuters and Getty Images to license any and all non-exclusive images for a flat rate of $50.00, regardless of size or placement . Magazines like Read More →

There used to be a time when stock photographers used to submit images to a stock agency. Long wait. Images sold, commissions were paid and the cycle would start all over again. Then came the arrogant Getty. With the creation of Photographer’s Choice, anyone with a little bit of talent and some extra cash could Read More →


There has always been a major obsession in our lives. From prehistoric times to today, we have feared the same demon.  We have crafted a lot of fixes and patches but it has only been  recently that we have seemingly found a cure. A sense of definition. This demon we live with is the constant Read More →