Corbis press release about the multimillion preservation facility recently opened in the suburbs of Paris, France. :

“The Sygma Preservation and Access Facility is a testament to our commitment to preserving the profoundly important Sygma collection,” said Gary Shenk, CEO, Corbis. “So many talented photographers have contributed to Sygma, and we are honoured ( sic)  to safeguard and make accessible these treasures for today and the future.”

 Including those 12, 680 originals from Chris Usher that were lost ?

DPP: How are rates being set today?
Getty Images: Rates are very much set by the market. It’s always our aim to maximize the revenue that we can get for any given usage.

Except when custumors are “premium subscribers”…

Getty’s own Nick Evan Lombs fights it off with a one on one against fierce Renee Martin from the mighty Corbis..Ugly stuff.

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