cpa's suitcase doesn’t have the swine flu virus. But it does contain some photojournalism archeological evidence. Surely, photojournalism archeology is a brand new science that does not date back as far as human archeology, but it is just as fascinating. The famous suitcase believed to contain Robert Capa negative of the Spanish Civil war, found in Read More →

Pro Photographers should organize themselves into a guild. It is past overdue. Back in antiquity, craftsmen who were proud of their art protected their trade by helping and protecting their future replacement.  Clients would always know that hiring a guild member was a sure sign of guaranteed exceptional results. Unlike like the current “associations” whose Read More →

There is something amusing about photography. You can see it mostly in “fine art” ( why is it called “fine”, BTW?.. as opposed to what “brute” art ?). It goes something like this. Take a seat and read on. If you shoot something ( it can really be anything) either over a long period of Read More →

Is this the future of photography?  The ultimate 3D image ? Maybe not, as it would require being everywhere at the same time. It can certainly be done at sports game, for example, with multiple remote cameras. But it is certainly a glimpse into how the still image could evolve and permit the viewer to Read More →

Ellen Boughn

“In five years? Maybe the only stock businesses are companies that add value by scouring the web for the best work within a genre?.sort of back to photo research services.“ When the great Ellen Boughn speaks, the world of photography listens : read the whole interview here :

google color result

Seems that Google is pushing through some image search innovation lately. First, it was the color search, released a few weeks back. Thanks to a little color palette next to the search tool, you can specify which dominant color you would like to see in your search result. Not groundbreaking technology. Companies like Idee, Inc Read More →

Tyler Hicks ambush

There has been a lot of talks about photoshopped photojournalism lately, what is acceptable or not, what should photo contest approve or disapprove. Here is, for the benefit of everyone, a couple of links on photographer extraordinaire, Tyler Hicks, who really doesn’t not need to alter his images to get to the point. First, his Read More →


It is a notorious issue that the paparazzi  are getting completely out of hand in Los Angeles and its surrounding. It is even getting ridiculous. What used to be a loner sport for those looking for a rewarding exclusive shot has now become a gang like activity. There are probably more photographers waiting outside a Read More →

Great photographers are fundamentally unhappy people. Not in the suburban housewife way of unhappy and waiting for something tremendously beautiful to happen and be swept  away, a la “Madame Bovary”. Not at all. They are unhappy with the world around them and how it functions. What bothers them is the way reality is commonly perceived Read More →

While the world of photography was busy trying to figure out how to squeeze one more dollar out of every image, pointing the fingers at potential scammers, or listing, day after, the name and addresses of every single newspaper closing its door, the hallways of the supreme court justice in Manhattan echoed of the fainted Read More →