Callie Shell/ Aurora

I know it has been said here that the World Press Awards 2009 was a nice selection, albeit maybe too much linked to the most important events of the year. Who is to say that a lesser known event might have had stronger images ? Regardless, ever since the results, new information has been brought Read More →

Mark Wilson/ Getty

Alan Meckler, the man behind the epic rise and fall of JupiterImages, is now back on the blogging block. His ” I have returned” entry is all about blaming the banks ( what, not the housing market ?). On more photographic news, the White House Photographers have voted for their best of the best, and Read More →

istock pub

Istockphoto is offering 10% off 10 free images. You can’t beat that : Does that mean they pay you ? How does 10% of free work ?

You know it’s coming…you are just not sure what to do about it. A few weeks ago, Apple released the new version of their personal DAM called Iphoto. Besides being one of the worst photo organizing application, it came out bundled with a little gadget that allows  it to recognize faces and tag them accordingly. Read More → Wishkey

It has been a while… It’s been a long while since I had seen a photographer caress light with such exquisite love and passion, capturing not its essence, but its mere delicate reflection on other objects. It has been a long while since I had seen photography describe, with such passion,  the never-ending game between Read More →

“But one of the — Google — I mean, the harsh way of just defining it, Google devalues everything it touches. Google is great for Google, but it’s terrible for content providers, because it divides that content quantitatively rather than qualitatively. And if you are going to get people to pay for content, you have Read More →

world press

No blurry Black and whites, No pictures taken with an Holga, No post dramatic moody images. The WPP 2009 is a real crop of hard core photojournalism. Indeed, there is a lot of squared shape color-enhanced images but, for some reason, they are not bothersome. Its pure professionalism here, far, far away from the  citizen Read More →

As rumors went, the reality follows. Bill Gates wholly-owned Corbis is closing down its microstock experiment, Snapvillage and merging it into its high value brand, Veer. yes, you are reading it right,  Veer will be the new destination for the corbis microstock offering. Called Veer Marketplace, it will develop into a full offering in two Read More →

No Time magazine. No People, Sports Illustrated, In-touch, Life & Style, Star Magazine or  National Enquirer among many others. The battle between Time Inc., Bauer Publications, American Media VS Anderson News and Source Interlink Cos has started. The 7 cents surchage per issue requested by the distributors has deprived the clients of about 4,000 Wal Read More →