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According to the New York Post, Time, Inc. is refusing to pay the additional 7 cents per publication asked by one of their distributor as of Feb 1.  With its circulation already diminishing on most of its title, this might result in a titanic battle of wills between the two companies. Obviously the distribution company Read More →

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AFP, AP and Reuters said no. Getty Images just went for it. As a new President enters the White House, a new photo policy seem to emerge. After the really bad images of him backstage watching the results of election night posted on Flickr, Obama, or his administration, has broken tradition by making the first Read More →

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While two of the United States magazine distributors are raising their rates in the worst economic period possible, adding a potential $1 billion in cost to an already battered publishing industry, it has become clearer that the photo industry needs to brake out of  its traditional chains. According to the New York Post, two companies Read More →


It’s web 2.0 for news. msnbc.con launched the first salvo today by publishing a “photosynth” of an Obama stop. Unlike traditional photosynth, it is an aggregation of images by one photographer and it sorts of defeats the purpose of the technology. A real one would have included thousands of images taken from different angles at Read More →

Getty Images is to phase out its rights Ready scheme. according to an announcement to its contributors, Getty Images wrote : “Through constant communication with our customers over the past two years, we’ve learned that in addition to the need for simpler, faster licensing, customers also want to maintain their ability to very precisely fine-tune Read More →


According to Michael Arrington of TechCrunch, Flickr was inches away from releasing FlickrStock, allowing users to license their images for a fee. Apparently Getty convinced the Yahoo executive that an exclusive deal with them was much better. Getty protected its valuable Istockfoto asset thanks to this deal and delayed the opening of the flood gates. Read More →

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it’s a master/slave relationship, isn’t it ? Wire photographers only get published because their masters have clients. And wires, although they would never admit it, have clients because of the photographers/slaves. One would be nothing with the other . Take a wire service photography left in the wild and he could never find a client, Read More →

Can Photography exist outside of its current boundaries ? Is it possible for photographers to create and to sustain on a market that they create and manage directly. Lets step back for a bit. Photography has always been accessed through gatekeepers, or otherwise called magazines. It has evolved through other forms of publications but the Read More →

I like the new year. For one good reason. Everyone does a round up of all the best images of the year in a beautiful slideshow. So, like every year, I wandered through the internet, looking at different version of the year in pictures. This is where I went: AOL MSNBC The Big Picture The Read More →