Fortune teller by Creatista/ Zymmetrical

(credit : Creatista / It’s like playing with a set of Tarot cards. Or looking down at coffee residue at a bottom of coffee cup. Or better yet, hopping that the big round glass ball will reveal its wonderful secret. Running a photo agency isĀ  just really a never-ending game of predicting the future. Read More →

“The big winner in these data are Internet design and development firms, whose purchases dominate the industry. But while these firms consistently hold the highest market share, both in terms of dollars spent and units purchased, their average spending per image was often lower than that for other segments, particularly creatives. These dynamics can have Read More →

A photo agency does 90 % of a photo editor’s work. Yet, there is always been a love hate relationship between the two. why is that ? Let’s step back for a minute, would you ? The fundamental role of a photo agency is to already have images that a photo editor needs. Whether it Read More →