Apparently Corbis is in the process of building a three floor museum. Called the

Museum of Art for the Arts (MofAA)

Here are the plans, in a building situated right next door to the Corbis offices, at 912 Broadway, in New York.

Corbis museum

It is unclear what will be included in this new space, besides maybe a bust in memory of Steve Davis the First, or a donation point to help Corbis be profitable. It could host a history of the destruction of many brilliant agencies. Or a final homage to commercial stock photography. What we know for sure is that it is certainly not funded by the companies profit.

It is interesting to see , however,  that the Bill Gates-owned company continues to be undecided as whether it wants to be a cultural institution or a profit making operation.

On a positive note, lets hope that this new space will host some of the buried treasure of photography that the Gargantua of the photo world has had buried in caves of Pennsylvania.

More info, ( not much) on this project here. I’ll let PDN finish the investigation. Which Daryl Lang did, brilliantly.

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