WPN special election page

Beyond the flashy fancy mini sites that Corbis and Getty Images have throwned to press release hungry industry newsletter and blog sites, I did a little search of my own. If you click on any or all of these icons below, you will probably find some of the most amazing and less seen USA Election Read More →

So many things to talk about so little time. First there are patents being pended about photography. Empire type companies Corbis and Google have both leaked, “by accident”, that they had files for patents on processes that have to do with photography. Corbis, for one, who actually has a “director of pricing”, registered a process Read More →

The next big thing will be a photo agency that distributes all other photo agencies. And independent photographers. Think about it. When Getty Images entered this market, it was with the simple idea to aggregate the content of multiple photo agencies that they viewed as too disperse. To regroup into one location the content of Read More →

First there was the end of out of focus images. Thanks to autofocus lenses, it is now quite impossible to get a blurry image. You can, however, get the focus on the wrong object.  Now, this company out of California, is working on what they call Refocus Imaging. You can focus AFTER taking the image. Read More →

This video has surfaced on some blogs recently. Besides the fact that it is a brilliant presentation done by a man who certainly has incredible talent at public speaking, one should be aware that Larry lessing is not only chairs Creative Commons but is also founder of the Center For Internet and Society. ( A Read More →