Just returned from 3 days of Paca international conference in Sin city. How appropriate to have held the yearly convention in a gambling town full of hard core, die hard risk takers. Our industry, the photo industry is very similar in its model. When we take images for stock, we purchase lottery tickets. we invest Read More →

I went to PictureHouse NY this year, not as an exhibitor, but as an image buyer. It was a very rewarding experience. The first, and probably foremost experience was the terribly empty and deserted video footage room. With at most 5 distributors, but none of the big players, they must have stared at each other Read More →

no dumping please

“Digital Disciples make up the second-largest group (35%) and consider themselves serious amateur photographers“. According to The Kodak Photo Futures Report, the same Disciples are “the most likely to explore photo editing software and have ambitions to make money from their hobby”. Who knew ? First who knew that Kodak was still in the photo Read More →

The future of the photo industry lies in sales platforms, said  Allen Murabayashi from Photoshelter, in a panel, last Monday. This is something that Getty has been trying to solve in the last five years by trying to change its business model from photo agency to distributor. Companies, like Alamy, Digitalrailroad, Newscom and even the Read More →


After spending a day at Photoplus today, one aspect became really obvious. There were more internet businesses for amateurs and semi pros then I have ever seen. The web 2.0 bubble has definitely reached the traditional photo industry and one can see numerous web based solution for everything photographic. It was interesting to see, besides Read More →

A group of us were invited to discuss the alternate source of imagery as well as the future of stock photography on a panel organized by the American Society of Picture Professionals this past Monday. I have skipped the product presentation that you can see here, if you would like, to go directly to discussion Read More →


Where does this come from  ? Yes, It’s Getty’s promotion for their infamous web res $49 sell out. But now, image buyers get to purchase istock images for $49 instead of $1. What a pretty good deal for image buyers.!!!  Getty is probably thinking that they will make up what they loose on pro photographers  Read More →

The future of photography is approaching fast. The fully automated photo agency is getting closer than we think and the cost of getting right image out will be dropping significantly. Smart Tagging or kewording. A Penn State-developed software called TT or Tagging over Time analyzes the pixels of an image and returns a list of Read More →

One has to wonder what is going in the minds of the Getty management. A quick stroll throught their website today reveals some strange discoveries. Follow me for a little tour, I will show you: Free images for website usage ?: If you go to the entertainemnet images pages and click on any thumbnail, you Read More →

What do you do when your business is not doing so well ? you do a deal with Corbis, of course. Webshots, owned by suffering web giant CNET, who has seen its membership decline in the last year and is an embarrassment to CNET for lacking revenue, has, according to Microstock news website Stockphototalk.com, made Read More →