Bush wants $50 billion more for Iraq _ MSNBC.com. I Guess he did not see Mediastorm new multimedia. Could someone please send it to him ?

A good mutltimedia with a couple of weak points: too much video and too little on the children.

Avatar and company :

I am sorry but I cannot help it. This is too funny. A company that has lost money for the last 14 years has spend its valuable resources to create an on-line Gallery in “Second Life”, the favorite destination of millions of people who do not have any. I guess this is the secret weapon Gary Shenk has to make Corbis profitable. Albeit, you cannot license any images from their virtual store, but I guess their next move will be to post a virtual profit. Oh yes, and open a ride at Disneyworld.

Getty lower prices:

Older RF images are being bargained at $49 or less. As always, the industry is up in arms. Seems more like Getty is trying to find a real second life for images that are not selling so well anymore. The midstock sector, where RF images are priced higher than microstock and lower than tradionnal RF, is still an unchartered territory . The real question is why at punchstock rather than Istock ? One would think that the value conscious customers would be found at the microstock site. The intent is probably to merge both so that one would have a global RF offering that would go from bottom to top.

In the mean time, friendly Getty is helping Corbis license images while they are busy building a powerful virtual empire.

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