Apparently, Corbis’ ignorance has no limit. After burying the Bettmann archives in a Pennsylvanian salt mine, disposing of the Sygma collection in some Parisian suburb, firing some of the greatest mind of photography, destroying Digital Stock, The Stock Market, Zefa, LGI, Starlight and many others, after claiming the non disputed title of the least profitable photo agency for the last consecutive 18 years, it now self proclaimed itself the genesis of this industry.

According to this document posted on this website , Corbis proclaims  ” We are the founders of stock photography..”.

It continues a little bit further with this even more hilarious quote : “we provide incredible value in the form of exceptional images, 24/7 service to meet the complex, ever changing needs of clients of every shape and size”.

Round and skinny men, triangle and obese women, you have found your photo agency !!! Unlike other photo agencies who do not service weird shaped clients , Corbis the great will ignore it and will serve your ever changing needs.

That, friends, is Creativity 2.0 !!

Here is a JPG version of the document (click to see full size):

The corbis document

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