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  • NOT AGAIN : Stumbled on a press release from a French archiving company called LOCARCHIVES. They are the company that Corbis has subcontracted to handle the Sygma collection. Their press release indicates that once the 800 square meter facility will be finished (will it have an indoor swimming pool ?), LOCARCHIVES will be also managing the collection. Meaning that Corbis will outsource the management of the Sygma archives to a company specialized in archiving, not selling, images.
  • BIG IS BACK: 160 million pixel captor, 307 MB images in RAW format, up to 20,000 ISO settings, amazing breathtaking images, the big bad photo camera is back with the SEITZ roundup. Maybe commercial stock photographers will drop the lensbabies and photojournalist will stop using the Holga for this?
  • JUPITER MEDIA/GETTY : Seattle based company Getty is notorious for going through the rounds of an acquisition before finally pulling out at the last minute. It gives them a free, full visit of their competitors books and facilities.  They did this with Digital Stock, before buying Photodisc, and eventually got sued. They have done it repeatedly. Corbis does the same, by the way. I would do it too, if I could.
  • MICROSTOCK PRICING: Dan Heller posted yet another very interesting entry about Microstock pricing. But he forgot to see that Istockphoto, for example, has been playing around with prices for the last 6 years, as per CEO and founder Bruce Livingston. And they are not about to stop now.
  • PHOTO NEWS WEBSITE UPDATE : I have been adding more photo industry sites and blogs to my ONE STOP PHOTO NEWS PORTAL. It is starting to look good. Even I use it to quickly glance at the news. Try it and let me know. It’s free.
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