News magazines continue to take a plunge as celebrity magazine continue to rise. According to a Reuters Headline, the latest numbers published by the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) for 2006 show a decline in both weekly news and business magazine, while entertainment based magazine seem to continue to grow. Obviously, this has a huge Read More →

the last wash

There are too many images available in the editorial market these days. The pressure has been such that the prices of images are going down, following one the basic rules of economy: When supply exceeds demand, the prices drop. And like 1929, it could lead to dramatic results for the stock photo industry business. A Read More →


I came upon a cool new website today and starting playing with it. The result, if you click on “run this pipe”, is all images in Flickr that corresponds to a news item on Google News. It is very interesting and when I have more time, I will attempt to create more pipes of this Read More →

Like the Academy Awards of news photography, the new World Press winners are announced. A few notes of interest: ~There are a lot of black and white images. Not sure if this is a trend of how images were shot this year (2006) or the jury, looking at stories from afar, thought that the b/w Read More →

There is a funny thing about photography. It is at the same time emotional and professional. It’s art, politics, opinions, point of view, more opinions, as well as as dollar and sense. Ever since the rise of the corporations, a lot has been done to strip photography of its “feelings” and transform it into a Read More →

Hachette USA is selling Premiere Magazine. Don’t want to brag about it and write “see, I told you so” because it is always a sad thing when a magazine closes or is sold. Premiere magazine was the number one source for celebrity portrait photographers, as they would should shoot for the magazine and then license Read More →


A little crash course in Economics: The United States of America is a consumer based economy, driven almost entirely by the forces of consumer demand. The more people purchase, the better the economy, and thus the companies in it. Clients rule as absolute despots. The money spend on goods is then re injected, through companies Read More →

towers of hell

Might be little late, but I have not seen it anywhere else. After dumping HFP (Gamma, Rapho, Explorer, Top, Hoa Qui, Keystone, Jacana) to scavenger company Green Recovery, and washing their hands of the whole thing, rumor is that Groupe Lagardere is about to do the same with the whole Hachette Group. But I am Read More →